Pioneering diabetes reversal company showcases mobile app at DPC2019

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The founders of a pioneering digital intervention proven to help reverse hyperinsulinemia in prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome showcased how their mobile app can be used to improve people’s health, at DPC2019.

Product designer and engineer, Patrick Samy is Chief Executive Officer of Span Health. Together with Dr. Adam Bataineh, Chief Medical Officer and NHS medical doctor, who has cared for thousands of people with diabetes, and Rachel Lett, Chief Nutrition Officer, they have developed a 12-week structured education programme available for free on a mobile application.

“Diabetes is a huge problem. 4.7 million people live with it and 12.3 million people are at high-risk of developing it. With this MHRA-registered medical app, approved by the NHS app store and listed this coming month, GPs can safely recommend the free mobile application to their patients.”

Alongside the free structured education programme, dietitians and nurses can deliver individualised care plans through chat and video consultations via the app. Users provide details about their blood glucose readings and the information is then used to tailor individual weekly recommendations to reduce blood sugar levels through a change in eating habits.

Patrick, who used the Span Health approach to reverse his own pre-diabetes diagnosis, said: “Span Health are on a mission to empower millions of individuals to live better and longer, by leveraging 20 years of medical research and clinical experience on the metabolic syndrome.”

The company works with CCGs and GP practices such as the Colte partnership and the NHS East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust to commission their digitally-delivered approach. In a publication earlier this year, this type of intervention has shown 60 per cent remission sustained at 2 years (A1c < 6.5% with no medication) in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Patrick added: “Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome are reversible, but 40 per cent of people are not completing care plans, 50 per cent get no support within 12 months. Span Health delivers individualised care for remission of PCOS, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes. The ongoing support starts right after diagnosis, and patients are provided with a plan that works for them, symptoms and medication management, all without a wait for consultation.”

Patrick added: “We were very happy to demonstrate the mobile app and how it works to CCGs and GP practices attending DPC. We hope the information we provided will help them to deliver the best long-term outcomes for people with diabetes, while saving time and money.”

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