Exhibitor Focus: Springer Healthcare Education


Springer Healthcare Education provide medical education programmes for healthcare professionals involved in the care of people with diabetes, and its related conditions.

Free educational resources include clinical management guide on diabetes and cardiovascular disease, offering practical hands-on approach to the management of patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease, with original and up-to-date coverage of a variety of aspects of emerging clinical importance.

Practical advice is offered on diagnosis, risk stratification, management of cardiovascular risk factors, and available drug therapies.

Other resources topics include gestational diabetes and pregnancy; paediatric diabetes; medication; comorbidities; psychological care; lifestyle interventions and much more.

Alana Zdinak, Global Marketing Director, Springer Healthcare said, “Springer Healthcare utilizes the latest thinking in cognitive sciences and instructional design to deliver programs that are informative, interactive, and leave a lasting impression. Our aim is to create engaging medical education programs tailored to healthcare professionals according to their experience and role”

Visit diabetes.medicinematters.com to access these valuable education programmes.

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