Exhibitor Focus: OPED


DPC2018 exhibitor OPED talks to us about its VACO diabetic foot care products and how it hopes to support healthcare professionals at DPC.

What does your company do?

OPED develops and manufactures innovative product concepts in the field of our core competence – modern Orthosis – replacing the uncomfortable plaster cast with a light, functional, offloading vacuum splint. VACOcast Diabetic, VACOped Diabetic and VACOpedes Diabetic offer choice and optimised care for the diabetic foot.

Why is your company working in diabetes care? 

OPED is committed to helping to reduce the effects of diabetic foot syndrome, while at the same time offering solutions to reduce time and achieve cost savings in both the primary and secondary care setting.  Our aim is to provide easy to use products, which are designed to meet the needs of the individual patient and help improve quality of life, while also helping to improve outcomes and streamline patient care pathways.

How is your company improving diabetes care?  

The gold standard treatment for diabetic foot is a Total Contact Cast. Even distribution of pressure and relieving load from the wound are crucial. VACOcast and VACOped Diabetic orthosis are biomechanically as stable as a plaster cast while providing offloading comparable to a TCC. By utilising our VACO12® technology, encased in a light plastic shell, adjustments can be made to accommodate all shapes and deformities. This, along with being both a non-removable and removable device, makes the VACOcast and VACOped Diabetic the ideal orthoses for the management of diabetic foot syndrome.

What are you hoping to achieve through your support of DPC2018 and presence at the show? 

We are hoping to connect with and have open discussions with all healthcare professionals who have both a direct and indirect interest in DFUs and Charcot. Our aim is to work in partnership with all involved and support them in achieving their individual goals.

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