Exhibitor Focus: OPED UK


What does the company do?

OPED develops, manufactures and sells innovative product concepts in the field of our core competence – modern Orthosis. One of our key products is the VACOcast® Diabetic; a brace using VACO12 Technology to provide a TCC-like fit for offloading wounds, which is unique on the market. The VACOcast® Diabetic is newly also available through FP10. 

How can Diabetes Professional Care help with your brand?

Spread out the availability of the new VACO12 Technology / VACOcast® Diabetic in primary as well as secondary care to all Health Professionals dealing with diabetic feet.

Quote from your Brand Manager

VACOcast® Diabetic is the brace which uses VACO12 Technology to provide best offloading due to a TCC-like fit.

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