Exhibitor Focus: GlucoRx


What does the company do?

GlucoRx is the UK’s largest supplier* of innovative, ISO-conforming, quality yet cost-effective management solutions for all people with diabetes which include Nexus blood glucose/HCT & Ketone meter systems, FinePoint insulin pen needles and Safety lancets. GlucoRx provides free accessories, bespoke training, pharmacy managed diabetic reviews and EQA testing. 

How can Diabetes Professional Care help with your brand?

Being the UK’s largest professional diabetes conference for healthcare professionals, it’s a big deal for us. DPC gives us the platform to showcase our leading products and ensure all healthcare professionals and industry experts have direct access to us so they can ask us questions about our number one management solutions. DPC is fantastic for boosting our brand recognition, building new relationships within the diabetes sector and the opportunity to showcase new products. 

Will you be showcasing any new products, research, campaigns or any on-stand sessions over the course of the show?

Yes, we have a whole range of new products and services that we’ll be launching. It’s the perfect place for us make these announcements as the audience are so engaged and want the very latest product updates.

Quote from your Brand Manager

Chris Chapman – “It’s the most important event of the year for us. Since inception, we’ve seen DPC grow and now it’s surpassed Diabetes UK’s conference, which is genuinely impressive. I think DPC is so popular because they’ve got the right combination of location, exhibitors, range of sessions and most importantly they don’t charge healthcare professionals to attend.”

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