Exhibitor Focus: Glooko

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We meet DPC2018 exhibitor Glooko, to find out how it is helping to improve diabetes care through technical innovation.

What does your company do?

We give care teams the insights needed to optimise daily diabetes management decisions by:

  1. Enabling the collection of data, in-clinic or remotely, from more than 160 compatible diabetes devices.
  2. Making blood glucose, insulin, CGM and exercise data available within seconds through unified reports, charts and graphs.
  3. Thereby, freeing up time for more in-depth patient collaboration.

Why is your company working in diabetes care?

Our vision is to enable intelligent decisions to improve outcomes for millions of people globally with diabetes and their care teams – through insights, innovation and trusted partnerships.

How is your company improving diabetes care?

With our universal solution, clinics can access data from a clear majority of all blood glucose meters, CGMs and insulin pumps on the market today – through one single system. This saves a lot of time. We strive to improve diabetes care through technical innovation, making diabetes data easier to gather, interpret, share and discuss. By doing so, we offer real insights and, ultimately, increased comfort and a more carefree everyday life for anyone living with diabetes.

Glooko/diasend® is currently serving 1.5 million patients and 7000 clinics in 23 countries. User feedback is constantly incorporated into our products and services in order to keep the experience as intuitive as possible.

What products/services/innovations have you got in the pipeline?

We are constantly updating our products and services, improving the user experience and adding new devices to our compatibility list.

What are you hoping to achieve through your support of DPC2018 and presence at the show?

We are hoping to reach out to new potential users – as well as getting a chance to talk to our existing users to get updated on their wants, wishes and needs for the future. In addition, we will offer interesting, educational and inspiring best-practice presentations from a few of our clinical users.

How do you best like to spend your time when you’re not helping to improve the lives of people with diabetes?

Spending time with my lovely family, socialising with friends, doing sports such as golf and badminton – and enjoying the occasional holiday trip (to someplace warm).

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