Exhibitor Focus: Diabetar


What does the company do? 

Diabetar is a range of plant based alternatives to rice, noodles and pasta that contain zero carbohydrates and sugar and scientifically proven ingredients that help reduce blood glucose rise after meals and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Available Exclusively from Lloyds Pharmacy

How can Diabetes Professional Care help with your brand?

Spread the word. This is a new innovation and often with new innovation, it takes time to for people find out about it.

Quote from Head of Retail Lloyds Pharmacy

John Acland, Head of Retail for Lloyds Pharmacy, says, “We’re delighted to be bringing Diabetar to the UK. Many of our customers are living with diabetes and we know that they would love to be able to enjoy pasta, noodles and rice dishes while having better control of glucose spikes after eating, and now they can!”

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