Exhibitor Focus: Changing Health

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We put the spotlight on DPC2018 exhibitor Changing Health, whose Type 2 diabetes behaviour change programme has so far been adopted by 16 NHS organisations across the UK.

What does your company do?

Changing Health provides behaviour change programmes for Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight management, clinically proven to transform health outcomes.

Built on a robust base of scientific evidence, our programmes empower people with the tools and knowledge to make lasting lifestyle changes. We’ve combined health coaching rooted in behavioural psychology with engaging digital education, delivering outcomes that stand up to rigorous evaluation.

This approach enables healthcare organisations across the UK to deliver game-changing support at scale, making the most of scarce time and resources.

Why is your company working in diabetes care?

Our Chief Executive, John Grumitt, became a diabetes advocate after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes aged 26. He’s now Vice President of Diabetes UK, and met Professor Mike Trenell, founder of the National Health Innovation Observatory, hosted by Newcastle University, through his advocacy work. Professor Trenell leads programmes of research exploring how lifestyle influences chronic disease, and has a specialist interest in the use of technology to help people make healthier decisions.

Together they realised that offering people personalised, evidence-based support, facilitated by technology, could help people to change their lifestyles en masse and stem the tide of diabetes. In 2016 they launched Changing Health, one of the first services of its kind to offer this kind of support.

How is your company improving diabetes care?

Our Type 2 diabetes programme has so far been adopted by 16 NHS organisations across the UK, which together cover a diabetes population of almost a quarter of a million. On average, we improve our users’ PAM scores by 10 points, which results in 20% better medication adherence and 20% fewer hospitalisations. If adopted at scale, the implications for public health are huge.

Our users report very high levels of satisfaction too; 87% say their lifestyle coach has been important or essential to their success in the programme and 85% are confident we’ll help them achieve their health goals.

What products/services/innovations have you got in the pipeline?

We’re soon to launch two new programmes: diabetes prevention and weight management, and will be expanding into Australia and Singapore later this year. We’ll also be publishing our white paper, which sets out the rationale for a behavioural science approach to diabetes care, on 16 May. Watch this space!

What are you hoping to achieve through your support of DPC2018 and presence at the show?

We’ll be presenting new data to inspire healthcare providers and commissioners. It will show how personalised support for behaviour change can be highly effective in diabetes prevention and management, helping patients lose weight, lower their HbA1c and significantly reduce their risk of complications.

How do you best like to spend your time when you’re not helping to improve the lives of people with diabetes?

Living true to our name, we’re quite an active bunch! Our CEO, John Grumitt, is perhaps the most so – he’s completed several extreme endurance challenges, like a 1,300km bike ride from Barcelona to Brussels when he was Vice President of the International Diabetes Federation, and a non-stop 545km cycle across Norway, while living with Type 1 diabetes himself. We’re all big on healthy cooking too – somebody’s always found a delicious new recipe to share in the office (and perhaps with some of the Changing Health users)!

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