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At DPC2018, exhibitor CDEP is hoping to increase awareness among healthcare professionals of its competency-based online diabetes learning tool.

What does your company do?

CDEP is a competency-based online diabetes learning tool that supports all levels of healthcare practitioners in demonstrating their diabetes knowledge and skills relevant to their role.

A variety of diabetes specific topics are available, which in total currently amounts to up to 30 hours of diabetes study time. New content is developed on an on-going basis and is launched once it has been rigorously tested. Completing CDEP topics is said to be addictive!

CDEP also supports professional revalidation by displaying study time accrued on the certificates, providing opportunity for reflection as well as offering a secure portal to collect practice-based feedback.

Why is your company working in diabetes care? 

Diabetes has such a high prevalence that all healthcare staff, no matter what their role or health setting they work in, need to have a minimum level of diabetes knowledge to provide optimal care for the person living with diabetes.

CDEP has 5 main aims, namely:

  1. provision of an e-learning programme that supports quality improvement in patient care and outcomes;
  2. enabling learning in informal settings (eg general practice, diabetes clinics, at home);
  3. supporting the needs of all healthcare practitioners (registered and unregistered) in diabetes care;
  4. recognising progress and achievement (eg through CDEP topic completion certificate); and
  5. standardising (through use of national competency frameworks – currently nursing, dietetics, non-registered front line staff, podiatry) the overall level of care for patients.

How is your company improving diabetes care?   

CDEP is an online learning platform that can be undertaken in ‘bite-sized chunks’ from any computer, tablet or smartphone at any time convenient to staff, making it accessible and ‘do-able’ in a busy life.

CDEP currently has 17 topics on offer, with more in the pipeline. More than 10,000 certificates have been generated after the successful completion of a CDEP topic. Over the last 3 months, an average of 14 topics have been completed each and every day of the week.

65% of CDEP users report to work in non-diabetes specialist roles and 35% in diabetes specialist roles. The majority work in primary care and acute trusts, although there is representation from health sectors such as community services, nursing homes, ambulance services, mental health trusts and others. Most users have a nursing/midwifery background, closely followed by medical and then dietetic staff, although disciplines such as pharmacy, podiatry, retinal screening, etc, are also represented.

Post-topic evaluations show that 99.8% of CDEP users report that undertaking a topic either improves (86.2%) or confirms (13.6%) their diabetes competency, confidence and guideline familiarity.

CDEP is endorsed by Cambridge University Health Partners, Diabetes UK and the British Dietetics Association, and accredited by the Royal College of Nursing, the Royal College of Midwives, The Royal College of General Practitioners and the College of Podiatry.

What are you hoping to achieve through your support of DPC2018 and presence at the show? 

We are hoping to increase awareness of CDEP and how it can support healthcare professionals in identifying and addressing their diabetes knowledge related needs.

CDEP aims to support diabetes care by promoting the minimum level of diabetes knowledge and reducing variation in care as well as improving safety and clinical outcomes for people living with diabetes.

Almost 40% of all Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in England are currently utilising CDEP as a diabetes healthcare staff training tool, with others considering taking on CDEP as an option for their locality.

CDEP loves attending DPC2018 to network with delegates, be enthused by the great speakers and be inspired with new ideas to further enrich the diabetes learning opportunities CDEP offers.

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