Exhibitor Focus: BBI Healthcare


DCP2018 exhibitor BBI Healthcare talks to us about its Gluco range of fast-acting glucose products and how DPC will help it to provide clarity on the Sugar Tax.

What does your company do?

BBI Healthcare designs, manufactures and distributes market-leading Gluco, a range of fast-acting glucose products to help rapidly raise blood sugar levels. All Gluco products are free from artificial colours, sweeteners, caffeine and gluten. Gluco is available in tablet, juice and gel format.

Our range also includes a convenient and well-stocked Hypo Box and Hypo Wallet. BBI Healthcare is part of the BBI Group, offering a portfolio of products and services provided to the diagnostic, healthcare, research, food and cosmetics industries globally.

Why is your company working in diabetes care? 

Through the continued success of our Gluco range, we have established ourselves as a specialist in energy management. Our GlucoGel is the number 1 recommended fast-acting dextrose gel in the UK*. Through continued recommendation as a leading fast-acting glucose product, Gluco continues to be used for the management of diabetic hypos.

How is your company improving diabetes care? 

Whether it’s due to uncertainty caused by the Sugar Tax, or simply the desire to make sure patients get the right amount of glucose when they need it most, our Gluco range helps to keep glucose levels just right. 

What are you hoping to achieve through your support of DPC2018 and presence at the show? 

DPC2018 will enable us to present further clarity and understanding of the Sugar Tax introduced this year, and outline the importance of Gluco products not being affected by the new legislation.

*Based on UK prescription data

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