Exhibitor Focus: B Braun Medical Ltd

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What does the company do?

Within wound care we offer Prontosan Solution and Gel and Prontosan Debridement Pad for effective wound bed preparation.

Within Diabetes Care we offer FORA Advance Pro, a dual blood glucose and ketone meter at the most cost effective price on Drug Tariff. We also offer the Omnican Fine pen needle range, alongside patient educational literature to improve injection technique. We support the Injection Technique Matters (ITM) Best Practice initiative. 

How can Diabetes Professional Care help with your brand?

Promotion of wound cleansing products to podiatrists

Promotion of dual blood glucose/ ketone offering and the promotion of the added value, patient education we offer.

Quote from your Brand Manager

Prontosan solution and gel are clinically proven to reduce time to healing, improve wound condition and prevent complications.  The addition of an innovative microfibre debridement pad has provided clinicians with a flexible and comfortable option for debriding difficult to access areas in lower limb wounds.  We are exhibiting at DPC conference, come visit us to see how Prontosan can help reduce the burden of problematic wounds, and feel the difference of our new Debridement Pad for yourself!

FORA Advance Pro is a new dual blood glucose and ketone meter offering convenience for patients with diabetes. The FORA ketone strips are the most cost effective on Drug Tariff. FORA Advance Pro is Bluetooth enabled, allowing patients to download and analyse their results empowering them to take control of their diabetes.

The Omnican Fine pen needle range is one of the finest pen needle ranges available. Alongside the needles we offer patient educational literature and support the Injection Technique Matters initiative to encourage best practice injection technique. Come along to our stand at DPC Olympia for free samples of the educational material.

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