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Exhibitor Focus: Owen Mumford

13th August 2018

Owen Mumford talks to us about their range of devices, and the importance of education for both healthcare professionals and patients. What does your company do? Owen Mumford is a global industry leader in medical device design and manufacturing. We…

Exhibitor Focus: OurPath

11th July 2018

DPC2018 exhibitor OurPath talks to us about its intensive digital behavioural change programme for people with type 2 diabetes. What does your company do? OurPath is a digital behavioural change programme designed for people at risk of developing lifestyle diseases…

Exhibitor Focus: Scope

11th July 2018

New DPC2018 exhibitor Scope introduces its ophthalmic products for dry eye disease, a high risk for people with diabetes. What does your company do? Scope offers innovative ocular surface disease diagnostic and management products for dry eye and blepharitis. We…


Exhibitor Focus: OPED

11th June 2018

DPC2018 exhibitor OPED talks to us about its VACO diabetic foot care products and how it hopes to support healthcare professionals at DPC. What does your company do? OPED develops and manufactures innovative product concepts in the field of our…

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Exhibitor Focus: Diabetes Knowledge in Practice

11th June 2018

DPC2018 exhibitor Diabetes Knowledge in Practice introduces its wide range of free, online educational content for HCPs involved in diabetes care What does your company do? Diabetes Knowledge in Practice is an online platform, which includes a set of free…

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Free interactive webinar on closed-loop systems

10th May 2018

On May 16 at 17:00 BST, Professor David Matthews will host an interactive discussion of Laurel Messer’s recent paper on closed-loop insulin pumps. Entitled ‘Exploring closed-loop therapy’, their webinar will provide an unmissable opportunity to discuss novel data with international…

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Exhibitor Focus: BHR

10th May 2018

DPC2018 exhibitor BHR tells us about its technically advanced point of care products and solutions, which enable healthcare professionals to rapidly diagnose and monitor diabetes What does your company do? BHR specialises in delivering the most technically advanced point of…

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Exhibitor Focus: Glooko

10th May 2018

We meet DPC2018 exhibitor Glooko, to find out how it is helping to improve diabetes care through technical innovation. What does your company do? We give care teams the insights needed to optimise daily diabetes management decisions by: Enabling the…


Exhibitor Focus: JDRF

10th May 2018

Leading type 1 diabetes charity and DPC2018 exhibitor JDRF shares its vision and goals for finding a cure for the condition, and how you can support its vital work What does your company do? JDRF is the leading charity dedicated to…

Exhibitor Focus: BBI Healthcare

11th April 2018

DCP2018 exhibitor BBI Healthcare talks to us about its Gluco range of fast-acting glucose products and how DPC will help it to provide clarity on the Sugar Tax. What does your company do? BBI Healthcare designs, manufactures and distributes market-leading Gluco, a…

Exhibitor Focus: Changing Health

11th April 2018

We put the spotlight on DPC2018 exhibitor Changing Health, whose Type 2 diabetes behaviour change programme has so far been adopted by 16 NHS organisations across the UK. What does your company do? Changing Health provides behaviour change programmes for Type…

Exhibitor Focus: X-PERT Health

11th April 2018

We catch up with X-PERT Health, to find out how the DPC2018 exhibitor is empowering people with prediabetes and diabetes to manage their condition through the company’s structured education programme. What does your company do? We are a registered charity. Our…

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