Event Registration & Entry Policy

Diabetes Professional Care is an event for healthcare professionals, commissioners and service manager only and professional memberships will be checked upon entry to the event.

Qualified & registered healthcare professionals, commissioners, and service managers

If you are a qualified and registered healthcare professional who is responsible for providing care for patients and you do not work for a commercial organisation which supplies products or services to healthcare providers, you are entitled to free entry to DPC on both days.

Please note, if you are unable to provide adequate identification, you may be refused entry or asked to pay for a commercial ticket.

Commercial attendees or suppliers to the healthcare sector

If you are attending from an organisation which provides products and services to the healthcare sector and your role does not involve you being responsible for or directly providing care for patients, you will need to pay for your entry to DPC. This includes registered healthcare professional attending on behalf of a supplier to the healthcare sector.

There is a charge for commercial attendees and suppliers of £450+VAT for a single day or £500+VAT for both days.

Members of the public and people with diabetes

DPC provides vital CPD-accredited education and upskilling for qualified and registered healthcare professionals so that they can continually develop and improve their delivery of care in practice, and it is regulated as such. This does, unfortunately, mean that we are unable to allow members of the public to attend DPC. The continued provision of this event is dependent upon our entry policy being respected and adhered to, and we thank you for your understanding.

If you are a person with diabetes, or would like more information on diabetes, please refer to our partner charity, the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation (DRWF). DRWF has a wealth of information designed to support people in their self-management of diabetes and offers an award-winning programme of Diabetes Wellness Events across the UK which provide talks, workshops and support packages for people with diabetes, their families, carers and friends. To contact the charity for further information, please email enquiries@drwf.org.uk.


If you are unsure whether you are eligible to attend DPC, please contact the team on info@diabetespc.com or call 023 8081 1551.