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DPC2021 Conference Programme



Panel: The challenges and practicalities of Inpatient Diabetes Management with the DISN

10 Nov 2021
Nursing in Diabetes

Lessons Learned from the Impact of COVID-19 on Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Services in the UK. 
(Erwin Castro & Irene Bossman)

This session will present findings and recommendations from surveys conducted by the Diabetes UK and the Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nurses Group, that explored the impact of COVID-19, and associated redeployment on diabetes inpatient specialist nurse services in the UK.

  • To understand the impact of the covid pandemic on diabetes inpatient specialist nurses
  • To describe redeployment of Diabetes specialist nurses during the first and second covid-19 waves, and their impact on diabetes patient care.
  • To discuss the Mental health support available for Diabetes Specialist Nurses during the pandemic.
  • To discuss recommendations in maintaining diabetes inpatient services during further covid pandemic.

Improving the process for people who are prescribed insulin and require support with insulin administration post discharge in East Sussex.
(Hannah Syed)

This session focuses on our local pathway for supporting those who require insulin administration in the community following discharge from hospital. As part of this session, we will discuss how we have introduced the delegated task of insulin administration to adults with type 2 diabetes within our local care homes. This work has successful improved timely administration of insulin for care home residents and released district nurses capacity.

  • To learn about a pathway for improving the safe prescribing and administration of insulin for those who require support with administration post discharge
  • To gain an understanding of how insulin administration can be safely delegated to heath and care workers
  • To learn about how this project has successfully released capacity of district nurses, reduced unnecessary delays in delivering insulin to people living with diabetes, and improved cross-sector working 
  • To learn about how the delegation of insulin has improved patient safety post discharge

Standards of care received by individuals with diabetes undergoing orthopaedic procedures
(Paula Johnston)

Over the past ten years there have been guidelines that have been produced regarding the management of individuals with diabetes undergoing a surgical procedure.
This clinical audit focused on the area of orthopaedics and the standards of care received by individuals with diabetes.
The audit examined retrospectively; the care received in a large acute NHS trust with a sample of 78 adult individuals with diabetes. Ten audit criteria were reviewed and evaluated and compared to the guidance that is currently available nationally. Both emergency and elective procedures were assessed to see if there were any variances in the management of individuals with diabetes.

  • Are the standards of care for individuals with diabetes undergoing both emergency and elective procedures different?
  • Where can we improve standards of care compared to the national guidance
  • Pre assessment best practice for emergency procedures
  • Are separate care standards


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