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DPC2021 Conference Programme



Does protein turn into chocolate cake in your bloodstream?

11 Nov 2021
Workshop 3

People with diabetes need to be carbohydrate aware as carbs are the only macronutrient that directly impact on blood glucose levels but do they also need to consider the amount of protein they are consuming? 100g of dietary protein can create 56g glucose via the process of gluconeogenesis. Therefore, should protein be restricted in people with diabetes? The session will explore what protein is, why we need it, dietary recommendations and good sources. It will consider the impact of protein on hormones, blood glucose levels and body weight. Finally a case for ensuring sufficient good quality protein is consumed will be presented.

  • Delegates will be able to state:
  • 1.Why dietary protein is essential, good sources and the minimum daily protein requirement to prevent diseases of deficiency
  • 2.What gluconeogenesis is and how protein can influence blood glucose, glucagon and insulin
  • 3.Protein involvement with appetite control and body weight
  • 4.The benefits from consuming sufficient protein


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