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Debate Panel: Is there a magic recipe for successful diet and lifestyle change?

11 Nov 2021
Obesity, Nutrition & Lifestyle

It is generally agreed that improving diet and lifestyle for people with T2D can deliver not just weight loss and improved blood sugar control but even drug-free T2D remission. There is now enormous interest in the hope that T2D remission gives, but what are the clinical factors that make this more likely? What approaches are there for patients to choose from? What are the pros and cons?

We ask four UK experts in this field to discuss this. We also ask for their best tips to help other clinicians so they too can use lifestyle medicine instead of lifelong medication and see drug-free T2D remission in their own clinics on a regular basis


Dr David Unwin a GP and RCGP clinical expert in diabetes has seen 105 cases of remission to date while his surgery spends £58,000 less than the local average on drugs for diabetes by using a low carb approach.

Alison Barnes is a diabetes specialist dietitian, researcher and Diabetes UK Clinical Champion. She is lead dietitian for Newcastle University’s diabetes remission studies, offering a range of dietary options to help people achieve and maintain remission of type 2 diabetes

Professor Roy Taylor is a diabetes consultant whose research has shown the simple cause of type 2 diabetes, leading to roll-out of weight loss-based diabetes remission programmes.


Trudi Deakin is a PhD Registered Dietitian and founder of the registered charity, X-PERT Health. Her audit database now includes 144,527 patients and her latest publication (in press) demonstrates a mean reduction in HbA1c of 8.6 mmol/mol along with 54% of patients reducing medication and 24% able to omit it


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