DPC Nutrition & Lifestyle Clinic

This clinic will supplement the Prevention & Obesity in Practice conference stream programme, with more in-depth education on the vital diet and lifestyle changes people with diabetes can make to help prevent and manage their condition. This will include nutrition and lifestyle advice in relation to diabetes co-morbidities – for example, the best diet for a diabetes patient with cardiovascular disease.

Workshops will cover basic nutrition and food classification through to more specialist knowledge surrounding the effects of diet on different types of patient. They will help fill the knowledge gaps for all HCPs and ensure they can advise their patients on different diet options, and understand their suitability for individual patients.

The clinic will also examine the efficacy of good exercise and activity in the prevention and management of diabetes for both type 1 and type 2 patients.

Speakers will include dieticians, nutritionists, researchers, diabetes specialist HCPs, primary and community care HCPs, fitness professionals and public health specialists.

Please check back here for the DPC Nutrition & Lifestyle Clinic programme and speaker updates.

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