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This special feature comprises a series of workshops, to provide visitors with valuable information and insights on hypoglycaemia, plus a unique hypo simulator, to help healthcare professionals experience how people with diabetes feel when their blood sugar drops too low.

Hypoglycaemia is a debilitating and often frightening complication of diabetes, yet research shows that people with diabetes often don’t think it’s important enough to raise with their doctor. So the aim of the Hypo Hub is to raise awareness of hypoglycaemia among healthcare professionals and help them to understand how best to support their patients.

The Hypo Hub workshops are aimed at professionals working in diverse specialisms, and with varying levels of knowledge and expertise. Delivered by leading diabetes practitioners and specialists in this area, sessions cover managing hypoglycaemia in hospitals, primary care, with adults in the community, and children and young people.

At the Hypo Hub simulation station, participants wear a virtual reality headset to help them feel what it’s like to have a hypoglycaemic event (hypo).

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“We hope to raise awareness among HCPs and improve the levels of conversation they have around hypoglycaemia, which we know is a very important issue for patients.”

Steve Maishman, Diabetes Field Sales Manager, Novo Nordisk

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