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This dedicated clinic delivers the latest information and practical skills to help healthcare professionals support their patients in looking after their feet and lower limbs.

Diabetes can have a devastating effect on foot and lower limb health, with around 7,000 leg, foot or toe amputations carried out in England every year. Yet amputations are preventable, say experts, with improved awareness, screening and education.  

The clinic will look at diabetic foot disease, with sessions taking participants from basic screening right up to more advanced care.

The DPC Foot & Wound Clinic will again be run in conjunction with a highly experienced clinical podiatry team from Solent NHS Trust, led by Graham Bowen, Podiatry Clinical Service Manager.

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“The clinic attracted professionals from every aspect, including a lot from primary care. We’re looking to get as much information out to as many people as possible so they can educate and inform patients.”

Graham Bowen, Podiatry Clinical Service Manager, Solent NHS Trust

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DRWF provide information and support for people with diabetes and their friends & families