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Leicester Diabetes Centre


What is the DESMOND Programme?

DESMOND is the collective name for a family of group self-management education modules and care pathways for people with, or at risk of, Type 2 diabetes.

The DESMOND Programme is an effective, evidence-based programme offering a range of modules for effective self-management. All DESMOND modules are delivered by trained Educators using specially developed resources.

What makes the DESMOND Programme different?

Not only does the DESMOND Programme offer a developing family of self-management education modules, it also has the benefit of a strong, underpinning foundation to make it stand out from the rest.

EDEN (Effective Diabetes Education Now!)
EDEN (Effective Diabetes Education Now!) is a comprehensive skills assessment and training education programme for Healthcare Professionals across all areas of care. Core elements include a HSJ award winning training needs analysis to recognise the skills gap in diabetes care at individual, practice and commissioning level; evidenced and competency-based training modules to enhance knowledge, confidence and skill of HCPs, providing organisations the opportunity to transform diabetes care; and Train the Trainer, a sustainable, flexible programme to support commissioners and providers to deliver effective care for patients, as part of STP bids or as independent commissions.
EDEN modules are accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

University of Leicester
The world prevalence of diabetes amongst adults is increasing making diabetes care one of the biggest medical challenges faced by health care professionals globally. This rising epidemic has increased the demand for clinical services from personnel trained to deliver high quality care.
Study with the University of Leicester on our Distance Learning and campus-based programmes based at the heart of clinical services at the Leicester Diabetes Centre. We provide post graduate awards and CPD modules which combine the most topical thinking around clinical care and research with practical examples of how theory can be applied to real life clinical settings.