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DPC 2022



When Diabetes Drives you Loopy

16 Nov 2022
Clinical Theatre

Do you know your raspberry pi from a CGM? Have you ever wondered what a closed loop system looks like? How does a looping system work and how have people adapted their commercial systems in DIY solutions?

Come along to this unique session on Closed loop systems and hear from the real people who use these devices and what to look out for when managing these patients in clinic. We will explore the ethics of this as it stands, and the NHSE research & guidance that will be out soon. 

  • Patient centred viewpoint of Closed Looped systems in type 1 diabetes
Martin Scivier, Patient
Amanda Epps, Founder - DSN forum UK
Tamsin Fletcher-Salt, Diabetes Specialist Nurse - University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust
Beth Kelly, Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse - Wiltshire Health and Care
Vicki Alabraba, Diabetes Education and Research Associate - Leicester Diabetes Centre