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DPC 2022



What predicts drug free remission and how best to maintain it in clinical practice?

16 Nov 2022
Keynote Theatre

Drug free remission of T2 Diabetes has become a wonderful message of hope for a better, healthier drug-free future for people with T2D all round the world. Something we have seen 118 times now in our NHS GP practice, 20% of our entire NHS diabetic register. Helping the practice save £68,000 on the drug budget. Over ten years we have refined our approach to become both more effective and patient centred. Rather than people memorising diet sheets we find it helps if they understand the physiology of diabetes so they can individualise their approach. Other key innovations have been the provision of feedback and use of Zoom groups. I shall be sharing our top tips for success for you to take back, ideas already implemented by clinics all over the world. I shall also be discussing what happens to those patients who do not achieve remission in our clinic, there is some good news for this group too!

  • How you can see drug-free T2D remission in your clinic more often
  • How to help your patients understand the physiology of T2D
  • How to motivate for change and use feedback
  • How to turn 'setbacks' around
David Unwin, GP - RCGP