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DPC 2022



Type 2 diabetes remission in the real world: services beyond the trials

17 Nov 2022
Nutrition and Lifestyle Clinic

Oviva is a leading provider of remote, app-enabled behaviour change services to the NHS, and is proud to be a provider of numerous national services, including the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme.

Evidence has shown that low calorie diets can help people living with Type 2 diabetes achieve remission. However, can the incredible outcomes seen in trials (like DiRECT) be reproduced in the real world at an affordable cost?

This session explores how app-enabled care models make Type 2 diabetes remission accessible and effective at scale. We will also explore how to best support patient engagement in low-calorie diet programmes (such as making the patient feel like an equal partner in a continuous and support relationship) whether their care is delivered face-to-face or remotely.

Join us as we discuss if app-enabled pathways can really replicate or even exceed the outcomes seen in published research in the real world. 


  • Identify the methods that enable remote services to drive patient access, and achieve Type 2 diabetes remission at a lower cost
  • Identify how app-enabled care can support and empower complex patients
  • Understand how total diet replacement can establish new food-related behaviors that have the potential to improve long-term health outcomes
  • Understand how face-to-face and remote services can complement and accentuate patient care in the future
Keren Miller, Clinical Lead for Diabetes and Remission - Oviva