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DPC 2022



The six principles of good peer support for people living with type 1 diabetes

16 Nov 2022
NHS Park

Self-management of one’s type 1 diabetes can be tiring and tough on mental health. Peer support, or people drawing on shared experiences to help manage the complexities of living with a long-term condition, is a simple but powerful approach to health and wellbeing. Its value has long been recognised by people and carers, as well as by clinicians. It is particularly valuable for those with long-term conditions, such as type 1 diabetes, and it has been shown to help people learn to live with their condition, day-to-day, giving them the confidence, knowledge, and support required to manage their condition.

This session, supported by the newly published ‘six principles of good peer support for people living with type 1 diabetes’ document, will set out “what good looks like” for peer support – or what people should expect from a well-functioning group, with a specific focus on type 1 diabetes.

Alex Silverstein, Deputy Head - North West London ICB Diabetes Programme
Partha Kar, National Specialty Adviser (Diabetes) and Lead of the Medical Workforce Race Equality Standard - NHS England