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DPC 2022



The use of Thermography in Diabetic Foot Care

16 Nov 2022
Tech Pitches

The presentation will first introduce the concept of foot assessment by thermal imaging. Based on the known appearance of healthy feet in a thermal scan a set of simple rules is then developed to identify and assess pathological changes caused by diabetes. Case studies are used to highlight the typical signs of diabetic foot, in particular neuropathy and angiopathy and examples of Charcot, foot over- and misuse and capillary damage will be shown and discussed using thermal imagery obtained by the Podium device. The presentation will outline how the device and its intuitive images can help to educated patients, detect foot conditions, prevent conditions from deteriorating, inform and aid treatment decisions and to monitor the effect of clinical interventions.

  • Know the underlying principles of thermal physiology of the foot, in particular in connection with diabetes
  • Understand how to identify and interpret typical characteristics of the diabetic foot at various stages of disease progression
  • Realise the potential of thermal assessment for education, compliance, treatment, and monitoring
Peter Plassmann, CTO - Thermetrix Ltd.