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DPC 2022



Simplifying Education and management for people using DEXCOM REAL-TIME CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORING

16 Nov 2022
Keynote Theatre

This session will explore the practicalities of prescribing rt-CGM in Primary Care. The panel will review real-world cases, discussing patient selection for rt-CGM; how rt-CGM improved management strategies; and how rt-CGM affected diabetes outcomes. This interactive session will finish with the opportunity to ask the panel your questions and engage in discussion around how this technology can help the people with diabetes you support. 

  • Identifying which people with diabetes would benefit most from rt-CGM
  • Developing skills in rt-CGM data interpretation, and associated treatment recommendations
  • Developing an understanding on how rt-CGM can improve consultation quality and efficiency in diabetes management
Zoe Cholewa, Senior Medical Affairs Manager - Dexcom
Adam Dawes, Professional Education Specialist - Dexcom
Mike Skarlatos, Senior Specialist Dietitian and Eden Education & Research Associate / Facilitator - University hospitals of Leicester
James Ridgeway, Education and Research Associate/Facilitator - University Hospitals of Leicester / Eden