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DPC 2022



Parenting education interventions to prevent the development of eating disorders in children with type 1 diabetes

16 Nov 2022
Clinical Theatre

Disordered eating affects a third of children and young people (CYP) with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Current interventions focus on improving distress and long-term glycaemic control, rather than unhealthy eating and dieting practices. Evidence from clinical eating disorders shows that involving parents is essential to CYP’s recovery. Parents’ say group interventions are a good source of support whilst improving their confidence and knowledge in managing their child’s eating disorder.

This presentation will describe how we co-developed, with support from parents and CYP with T1D, as well as health care professionals, a parenting intervention to prevent disordered eating in CYP with T1D. We will also describe the study’s methodology and provide an update on progress. It is anticipated that this feasibility study will help us find out if we can run a larger project, how many parents we need to recruit and how long the larger project will last.

  • - Raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes Disordered Eating (T1DE) amongst professionals working in T1D
  • - Identify protective factors against the development of T1DE
  • - Learn about intervention development utilising co-production, psychological and behaviour change theory
  • - Consider important aspects of planning robust feasibility trials
Rose-Marie Satherley, Lecturer in Clinical Psychology - University of Surrey
Chrissie Jones, Associate Professor in Clinical Health Psychology - University of Surrey