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DPC 2022



Type 2 diabetes care is broken, how do we best fix it? Panel debate

16 Nov 2022
Nutrition and Lifestyle Clinic

Managing the growing prevalence of Type 2 diabetes (T2D) in the UK is set to be one of the major clinical challenges of the 21st century. The challenges posed by T2D were stark before the pandemic, but COVID-19 has significantly worsened the pressures from diabetes on the NHS and increased the risk of complications and poorer outcomes for patients. T2D treatment accounts for 10% of the annual NHS budget (>£17.40 billion a year) with 80% being spent on avoidable diabetes-related complications.

Increasing T2D prevalence, new therapeutic agents and new monitoring devices means that ICB costs are accelerating rapidly whilst outcomes for patients remain poor and highly variable.

This panel discussion will explore new approaches needed to better manage T2D in line with the NHS priorities of care closer to home, improved uptake of preventative services, and an overdue focus on tackling health inequalities.

  • Identify the different strategies that can be taken
  • To improve Type 2 diabetes outcomes and reduce rising NHS costs
  • Identify how app-enabled preventative care can
  • Support and empower both patients and primary care
  • Understand how face-to-face and remote services can complement and accentuate patient care and relieve pressure on primary care
Thomas Barber, Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist - University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire
Thomas Curtis, Medical Lead - Oviva
Lucy Diamond, Clinical Director - Oviva
Dr Kevin Fernando, GP Partner, North Berwick Health Centre & Scottish Lead - Primary Care Diabetes Society