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DPC 2022



Mongenic Diabetes: Ensuring patients have the correct diagnosis and treatment

17 Nov 2022
Clinical Theatre

This presentation will highlight how to identify patients with monogenic diabetes. This will include use of pancreatic antibodies, c-peptide and the MODY calculator. Patient cases will be used to illustrate the key characteristics of monogenic diabetes and highlight why these patients are frequently initially misdiagnosed as having Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Confirmation of the correct diagnosis through genetic testing can lead to treatment change and improvements in patient outcomes as well as reduced healthcare costs and appropriate follow up of other family members.

  • How to recognise the key features of those with monogenic diabetes
  • When to test pancreatic antibodies or c-peptide and how to interpret the results
  • Optimal treatments for those with monogenic diabetes
  • How to refer for genetic testing and where to find more information about monogenic diabetes
Maggie Shepherd, Honorary Clinical Professor, Lead Research Nurse - Royal Devon University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust / University of Exeter