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DPC 2022



How to deliver diabetes self-management for <£2 per year! ; MyWay Diabetes

16 Nov 2022
Tech Pitches

This presentation highlights a scalable model of care for patient education, empowerment and self-management (using online/ digital tools). The MyWay Diabetes service (now live in ~25% of NHS England) was evolved from the national MyDiabetesMyWay service in Scotland (~ 60,000 patient registrants). This data-driven service (connects health record/ home-monitoring data; linking to personalised advice/ education content/ QISMET courses) includes computer automation enabling scaling across countries/ large regions at low cost (<£2 per person with diabetes), delivering health outcome improvement and cost savings (ROI 5:1). MyWay also deliver clinician facing tools and population health management systems. Given complexity of information governance, data integration, local customisation and onboarding requirements, data-driven digital innovation needs a longer term funding approach, with potential to reap significant rewards.

  • Effective use of digital tools can enable scaling of diabetes self-management interventions at a very low cost
  • Health data shared effectively is key to empowering people with diabetes and enabling more efficient, effective, and compliant service delivery
  • Digital innovation for diabetes care can delivery significant cost savings but must be given longer term support and funding to mature
Debbie Wake, CEO & Clinical Lead - MyWay Digital Health