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DPC 2022



GlucoRx BioXensor: Tomorrow’s Technology Today

16 Nov 2022
Hands on Training Theatre

A true, non-invasive blood glucose monitor has the potential to improve the lives of a large proportion of people with diabetes, reducing their suffering and morbidity. The recent collaboration between GlucoRx and Cardiff University has developed a design-to-manufacture, patient-friendly, non-invasive continuous monitor which can generate accurate, real-time measurements of glucose. The presentation will cover the generational development of the device, which interacts with the blood non-invasively via radio-frequency (RF) fields of low power, including previous clinical trials data, leading to the BioXensor we present today. BioXensor incorporates other biometrics such as temperature, activity, SpO2, ECG, respiration, and heart rates, to improve the accuracy of glucose readings. Simply attached to the skin on the upper body via adhesive or a band, it will provide early alerts to highlight and prevent hypo- and hyper-glycaemic episodes via Bluetooth communication with a Smartphone.

  • Review the underlying RF technology for non-invasive glucose measurement and its chronological development.
  • Present previous clinical trials data.
  • Review the multisensor approach adopted for BioXensor.
  • Discuss the next steps for its commercialisation.
Adrian Porch, Professor - Cardiff University