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DPC 2022



Standardising diabetes care records: The five Ws and one H

16 Nov 2022
NHS Park

Over the last year the PRSB has undertaken work commissioned by NHS E to define diabetes record standards for clinical care. In addition to looking at standards for professional records to facilitate communication across the diverse groups of clinicians involved in diabetes care, this project has (for the first time) also incorporated standards to allow the sharing of self-management data from medical devices held by people with diabetes and tools to allow quality of life assessments to be incorporated within the standard. The first draft of these guidelines was published in June 2022, and work continues to define new codes (SNOMED CT) required to achieve these standards in routine clinical care, pilot the standards and then incorporate them into the procurement process for IT and device manufacturers going forwards in order to realise the goal of an truly interconnected clinical record for diabetes care.


Dr Cranston a consultant diabetes physician and one of the clinical advisors to the project will present the process and progress of the project and how it will impact on interoperability between people with diabetes, their diabetes devices and their clinical teams.

  • Digital records require standardisation in order that different IT systems can communicate
  • Record standards are of key importance to structured multi-agency clinical care in diabetes
  • Record standards for diabetes have been developed for implementation across the NHS infrastructure which will incorporate both professional records and self-management and device standards.
Iain Cranston, Professional Record Standard’s Body Clinical Lead - Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust