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DPC 2022



Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Beyond: What do patients and healthcare professionals need to be aware of?

16 Nov 2022
Clinical Theatre

This presentation will take you through the ins and outs of the latest NICE guidance regarding CGM technology and assist in understanding how to provide the best support to patients starting with new technology.

Also looking at how patients can future-proof their choices today to ensure that they can continue to obtain the best care available to them and what you and they should be mindful of in terms of these decisions.

  • Understand the current NICE Guidelines surrounding CGM Technology with patients living with diabetes
  • Where is diabetes technology placed in the future of care and what should everyone be aware of?
  • How GlucoMen can assist in this changing landscape, considering tech, support and DKA prevention
Christian Walker, GlucoMen Product Manager - GlucoMen