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DPC 2022



Communicating the importance of glycemic control to patients using Diabetes Age

16 Nov 2022
Tech Pitches

In this presentation we will describe the development of a digitally delivered communication tool that motivates patients to take action for lifestyle change and medication adherence in order to reduce the impact of their diabetes on their 'rate of ageing', or 'Diabetes Age'. This novel approach has been demonstrated previously to motivate change in patients at risk of cardiovascular disease to control their risk factors. In this talk we will briefly outline the scientific underpinning and demonstrate the Diabetes Age tool in action, describe the responses of people with type 2 diabetes to the tool and seek to discuss the ways in which it can be used freely in conversations with patients to motivate change between visits.

  • The underlying motivations of patients with type 2 diabetes
  • A novel way to communicate risks in a way known to stimulate change
  • Insights on how to have conversations with patients about their Diabetes Age
Mark Cobain, Co-Founder - Younger Lives