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DPC 2022



The impact of CKD in diabetes.

16 Nov 2022
Heart and Kidney Clinic

There are over a million people with undiagnosed CKD in the UK. In 2009/10, CKD was attributed to an excess 7000 strokes, 12,000 MIs and cost the NHS an additional £1.45billion. Diagnosis requires both eGFR and ACR. Failure of checking for ACR can underestimate the prevalence and severity of CKD. Pro-active diagnosis of CKD can reduce unplanned admissions, cardiovascular disease and end stage renal failure.

  • CKD is under-diagnosed. Diagnosis requires both eGFR and ACR
  • CKD increases the risk of coronary disease, heart failure, heart valve disease, stroke and limb amputation.
  • Albuminuria is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity, mortality and end-stage renal failure
  • Failure to diagnose and code CKD significantly increases mortality risk
  • - Treatment of CKD improves outcomes
Raj Thakkar, GP, Primary Care Cardiology Lead- Oxford AHSN, National Primary Care workstream co-lead - CPIP, NHS England