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DPC 2022



Improving 9 key care processes at a population health level: Tips and advice from 10 Primary Care Networks in North West London

17 Nov 2022
NHS Park

This session highlights how 10 PCNs in North West London used different approaches to increase the number of people having all 9 of their key care processes. It will be a panel discussion on how a population health approach to improving uptake was both commissioned and then delivered on the ground by the individual PCNs. This includes things like setting up group consultations for people with diabetes, using HCAs to do outreach in care homes and with housebound patients, and working in partnership with system partners like retinal screening providers and voluntary sector organisations to deliver events.

  • How PCNs have developed one-stop shops for people with diabetes with use of health and care assistants
  • How to build relationships between Primary Care and key system partners
  • The people and processes needed to support an almost 30% increase in the number of people achieving all 9 Key Care Processes.
Hasmita Patel, Senior project manager - K&W Healthcare Ltd
Mahima Gattani, Clinical Director and Diabetes Lead - Harness PCN
Jay Verma, Shakespeare Health Centre, Hillingdon - GP
Alex Silverstein, Deputy Head - North West London ICB Diabetes Programme